Join the #IAmAnImmigrant Movement

With America's systems and structures built on manipulated agendas of institutional racism - over the years, we've been programed to believe that IMMIGRANT is inherently a bad word! It's time to challenge the status quo of the very colorful people who positively contribute to the diversity of America. Let's pay homage to individual and cultures who have really made and continue to make this country great. And yes, we understand that JUNE is Immigrant Heritage month but let's do things a little differently by continuing to celebrate our uniqueness! 

The #IAmanImmigrant campaign seeks to "challenge the negative rhetoric against immigrants, celebrate them and provide them with a platform to share their story". 

Join the movement and do your part to keep the discussions fresh and positive! 


A few celebrities we love who have joined:

Each celebrity was photographed by director Cary Fukunaga