Little Things Studio: A Fresh and Contemporary Brand Inspired By The Culture & Community of India

We can’t help but to connect with passionate melanin-owned brands! So we connected with  designer Ankita Srivastava who is the founder of Little Things StudioThis sustainable label celebrates luxury in a contemporary, fresh and edgy aesthetic. It specialises in a perfect blend of modern silhouettes with quirky prints.

Check out this interview:

When and why did you start Little Things Studio? What inspired the name?

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Luxury for me is all about focusing on details, and drawing attention to quality that is what helps us transform ordinary into, extraordinary. Little things studio was born in September 2016 to bring this ideology to life. For us at the studio it all comes down to the thought; how important little things are in life thus quality and comfort became the guiding principle for us, and the name LITTLE THINGS STUDIO was adopted to always remind us what really matters.


How do you define sustainability?

In simple words, sustainable for me is anything that does not harm the nature. We’ve been very selfish over the years getting what we want, the way we want, without thinking about the damage we have been causing in the process. Switching to sustainable products is just a small contributing step towards damage control.


How does your brand produce ethically? And what is the passion behind this

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Little Things Studio consciously tries to put efforts to keep its methods and procedures sustainable; from sourcing our fabrics to delivering the final product. We specialize in using Handloom and Hand woven fabrics sourced from different weaving communities across India which empowers artisans and boosts the dying hand weaving community, as well as help cater to the social and economical needs of the artisans and at the same time taking care of the environment. As a textile design student, handcrafted textiles and hand illustrations have always fascinated me. My love for these two things pushed me to build a label that explores craft and supports sustainable clothing.

Has your Indian culture and/or being a woman of color inspire your brand? If so

Of course! Being a design student in India has influenced my aesthetic a lot. I strongly believe a person’s culture, traditions and values build their individuality. India is not just a country it is a community of different cultures, art and craft amalgamated together. I feel fortunate to be born and brought up in India while being exposed to global culture during my exchange program at Leeds University, which helps me blend my Indian aesthetics with global designs.

Where do you see the future of sustainable fashion?

I see sustainable fashion as not just a concept but a conscious lifestyle. It isn’t just about fashion; it is the understanding of making earth a better place and choosing quality over quantity.

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