Take a Glimpse Into Dominique's Conscious Closet And Be Inspired By Her Sustainable Style


As you may or may not know, Dominique Drakeford is the Editor-in-chief and Creative Director of MelaninASS. Dominique has launched a small space on her personal website dominiquedrakeford.com called "Dom's Conscious Closet" where she shares her amazing sustainable style.


A note from the editor:

For years ... (no exaggeration) ... people have asked me about the outfits I'm wearing, where to find more conscious fashion and who are my favorite sustainable designers to wear. So I finally have a little space, where I'm NOT behind the scenes doing PR or MelaninASS where I can freely share my eclectic sense of style.  It's important for my audience to see sustainability that is culturally inclusive while also expressing the diverse ways that fashion can be beautiful and responsible at the same time. Additionally ... I want to captivate new audiences to show that everything doesn't have to be sustainable from head to toe - you can mix and match as you start to immerse yourself in the world of being a more conscious consumer.  

D. Drakeford


 It's time to give ethical fashion some flava!