Dimple + Dot: A New Brooklyn Brand Focused On The Fundaments & Essentials of Beauty

It’s no secret that the world of natural beauty is growing and women of color are getting more recognition for crafting uniquely conscious products. There’s the UK based brand, The Afro Hair and Skin Co., spearheaded by an unapologetically black maven who uses very unique mixtures of potent plant-based ingredients and not to mention Jacq’s Organics who partners with local Florida farmers creating magic that’s jam-packed with herbs and oils.

But we took a Seat At The Table with Savannah Bundy to hear a bit more about her journey of creating a brand, Dimple + Dot, whose mantra is based on being a beauty staple with less that 5 ingredients.

Dimple + Dot

Dimple + Dot named after Savannah’s grandmothers, was founded in September of 2015. What started out as an average walk down Fulton Street at a Bedstuy flea market quickly turned into a business venture of creating natural Brooklyn-based products.

Growing up in Oakland California, Bundy organically had DNA that was a little earthy, a little artsy and a little entrepreneurial. Long before moving to Brooklyn five years ago, she made homemade scrubs for herself and close friends and family. However, with a slight fast-forward and moving to Oakland’s twin sister, she found herself nestled and inspired by the energy of Brooklyn.

Dimple + Dot 2

Last Summer, just before officially launching her brand, Savannah worked relentlessly on finding a new deodorant. Although she had making scrubs down to a science, it was the deodorant that truly spearheaded this entrepreneurial journey after having pain and irritation under her arms. This is where the tumors began and around the same time, she found a lump in her right breast, called a fiberadenoma, which to her surprise is prevalent in black women under 30. The universe was certainly sending Savannah a message and the effects of conventional poisonous body products were taking its harmful effects all at once.

Dimple + Dot 3

Bundy, like many other people who reach a tipping point with the lies of the beauty industry began creating her 4 products: a scrub, deodorant, body butter and healing balm with a manifesto of “chemical free” at its core. It took nothing for her to “get active” and begin sourcing all of her ingredients locally and establishing relationships with crafters at flea markets. “Most of my products that I use for my personal routine are healthy, chemical free. I love the sugar scrub because it’s working almost harder than soap to clean your skin – coconut oil is antibacterial and anti fungal – and the sugar exfoliates dirt and particles so keeping it plain and simple.”

Dimple + Dot 4

Dimple + Dot focuses on essentials of skincare while honing in on a minimalist philosophy. Although choosing not to go through the “organic” certification system at this stage, Savannah prides herself on having a base that uses less than 5 ingredients all of which you can pronounce. “I’m committed to the idea of fundamentals & essentials", says Bundy.  She has created a system that pretty much takes care of all of her beauty needs.

Dimple + Dot 5

Targeting men and women of color is important for Savannah, especially understanding how crucial it is to create a healthy internal and external support system. The beauty industry alone is a multi-billion dollar industry and “there’s so few things that are designed for us, let alone by us” says Bundy.

“It’s important and it’s not lost on me that my first business transaction and sale was with a black woman – my first consignment agreement was with a black woman. We are out here doing cool stuff and people need to know!” Working to promote wellness and beauty while also supporting melanated indie brands is paramount to the success of Dimple + Dot. Supporting this movement of creators is monumental and extends our quality of life.

Although the brand is a little over one year old, it’s still in its infancy. Like many start-ups, there are struggles, most of which are financial but this trailblazer has managed to remain resilient and is now getting orders and doing business across the country.  Staying positive and really believing in her product keeps the brand’s heart beating. Dimple + Dot will continue to push the ideal of “providing something so basic and so necessary that can make you feel good”.