It's Time For Younger Generations & Fashion Brands To Get Inspired By Vietnam’s Most Remote Tribes

FASHION WEEK – A time of glitz, glamour and re-gramed runway shows. Unlike the average fashionista, when February or September rolls around, I’m always questioning ideals of sustainability, culture, heritage, craftsmanship and tradition – things I view as the heartbeat of fashion and the soul of style. 

Well in the rush hour of New York Fashion Week, I stumbled on an inspiring Insider article showing how French photographer Réhahn has photographed 40 of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. What he has beautifully captured are the untold stories of these vanishing cultures. For the past 5 years he has been documenting these villagers, calling his project, “The Precious Heritage Collection”.  He has immersed himself in hidden villages while listening to proud elders shamefully talk about the younger generations disconnect with their heritage. Part of the reason why tribes are vanishing so quickly is because “most young people seem to have no intention of keeping the culture the came from alive”.

The photographer hopes to spread awareness about the people, their culture and historical relevance. By capturing the very essence of their beauty as well as intimate stories and traditional costumes, he aspires to build a cultural ethnic museum in Hội An, Central Vietnam and display all of these hidden gems. Eventually he hopes to bring his exhibitions to galleries around the world and we look forward to seeing them live!