Tengri Yak Wear: Luxury for the Discerning Gentleman

Founded by Nancy Johnston, TENGRI is unique collective at the forefront of menswear fashion and noble yarn technology. Based in London, Tengri creates sustainable luxury knitwear and yarns from Khangai Noble Yarns – Mongolian yak fibres. Their social enterprise is built on technological innovation, British design and craftsmanship, and a 100% transparent supply chain. This collective combines conservation, innovation, technology and ethical business.

This brand aspires to bring Mongolian noble fibres to the forefront of the fashion and textile industries, helping to preserve the Mongolian landscape, protect wildlife and support the nomadic herders’ way of life, which is threatened by rapid industrialization and land degradation.

The Tengri story is about creating high quality products, which is produced in a way that should be the norm across the industry! The heart of their brand is providing income for the indigenous herders and Mongolian processing companies - creating a sustainable economic system. 

More than just a label, Tengri is a collective movement built by people pioneering a new heritage!