Vanguard Susana Colina Just Released Her Spring 2017 Collection ... And It's Ethically Enticing

SUSANA COLINA has finally launched her much anticipated Spring 2017 line in collaboration with NYC-based sustainable jewelry designer XR.

Colina is a pioneer in the luxury sustainable fashion industry and we're honored to have her as a MelaninASS Vanguard. Her commitment to responsible fibers is stellar and even more important is her attention to feminine detail. "This collection celebrates femininity, shapes, and geometric lines mixed with a clear and minimalistic aesthetic. It represents my own personal views on space and movement while maintaining a strong commitment to the ethical and sustainable practices that represent our values." With a minimalist approach, Colina continues to transcend what it means to be a responsible artist. Not only that, but this visionary made it a point to be more diverse in her model selection. Sustainability is not just about the environment and social efforts but it includes diversity - cultural sustainability! Thai model Ploy Ploymanee S. is nothing less than striking.


Photo Credit: Svetlana Blasucci


Colina also introduced the PHOENIX BIODEGRADABLE PROGRAM. It's a research base that will study and experiment with sustainable fabrics in order to contribute of the knowledge, improvement and progress of the future of fashion.