MelaninASS Re-Launched With An Amazing Afro Minimalism Shoot


Video Produced By: Brandon Gorsira

We are focusing on inclusion and promoting diversity in the sustainable fashion and beauty space. All brands and creative affiliates are Influencers of Color with an intent of showing the natural beauty of women of color. Our model is wearing her natural hair immersed in nature while wearing all sustainable clothing. Images are raw & unedited/retouched! 

Knee length Navy & White Striped slim fit silk long sleeve mandarin collar dress shirt by Studio One Eighty Nine. Brass earrings by Edas Jewels.

Black bamboo dress and bandeau by Susana Colina. Brass earrings by Edas Jewels.

Hemp and organic cotton top by Chan and Krys. Hand-woven wide leg pants by Studio One Eighty Nine. Brass earrings by Edas Jewels. Copper bangles and ring by Sinserli Jericho.

Studio One Eighty Nine Orange Pollock-Print Alicia skirt and bandeau hand-batiked by local artisans in Ghana. Brass earrings by Edas Jewels.

White soy dress by Susana Colina. Brass earrings by Edas Jewels.


Creative Team:

Model: Priscilla Amado
Creative Director/Stylist: Dominique Drakeford
Photographer: Timothy Smith
MUA/ Skin Therapist: Tuong-Vi Giang
Art Director: Lyfe

Assistant: Ruby DeFelice