Beginners Tips On How To Shop Sustainably In Your Hood

Conscious consumerism is still a very challenging concept for many people, especially within melaninated communities. The socio-economic constraints coupled with the lack of education and access is a real hurdle. However, that is one of the major reasons for having this blog!

It's about time that the biggest influencers of fashion/beauty who systematically has the richest history and heritage of sustainability - start getting back to basics! 

Here are some budget-friendly ways to start thinking and shopping consciously:

  • STOP SHOPPING SO MUCH - Let's work a little on money management and cut our clothing shopping habits in half.
  • DON'T THROW CLOTHES AWAY- When you absolutely need to get rid of old clothes, try some of these options: 1) Give them to a family member or friend 2) Sell them at a near by Thrift/Vintage shop (ie - Buffalo Exchange, Beacon's Closet, Cross Roads  3) Research community clothing drives in your neighborhood 4) Donte them to a reputable neighborhood shelter 4) Upcylce them or give them to a designer friend who loves repurposing 5) Host or attend a Shop & Swap or 5) Have a good old fashion yard sale
  • THRIFT - Shop some of the flyest & chicest items at vintage and thrift stores. All you have to do is Google shops in your neighborhood - It doesn't hurt to stop by!
  • WORK WITH A BRAND - If you're really dope at marketing, social media, illustrating or anything in the creative sphere - try applying for an internship/ job with a luxury ethical brand so you can get a discount or even free clothes  (You can also become a brand ambassador if you're fly and have a huge following)
  • WALK AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD - You'll be surprised how many local boutiques are popping up in the community and many of them carry ethical brands.
  • SAVE UP - The truth is, many sustainable brands are expensive because they are luxury and the demand isn't high enough for them yet. So instead of saving up for that Coach, Michael Kors, BCBG or Louis Vuitton purse ... save your money for a particular sustainable outfit or accessory that you really love. This way you'll be supporting a sustainable brand that makes beautiful  things. And  the best part of all, you will more than likely not walk around looking like everyone else.  

IT'S AN INVESTMENT MUCH LIKE ANYTHING ELSE - Shopping sustainably is no easy task at first. But once you begin to learn that environmentally, socially and economically- it's all connected, you will begin to care a bit more. It takes baby steps! And the more you practice, the more you'll learn that there are some amazing brands in the market and each purchase you make, will make you feel and look better.

We will continue to provide tips and resources! 


Be sure to check out our Vanguards - Women Of Color who are making major advancements in sustainable fashion and beauty.