Eluxe Magazine: Why I Think Ethical Fashion Is A Privileged White Girl Thing

Chief curator Dominique Drakeford wrote a controversial article in Eluxe Magazine, opening up the discussion of race relations within the sustainable fashion community. There are a plethora of people of color who have been doing amazing work in this space, but the article specifically  touches on the fact that this particular space is dominated by white women who don't acknowledge their privilege, who don't discuss intersectionality, who aren't passionate about dismantling cultural appropriation (The kind where Marc Jacobs white models are wearing dread locs), who are continuing to glorify the white savior complex and who have no real idea about the dysfunctional layers of systematic racism here and abroad. It does in fact consist of many generalizations, but from the mouth of a black woman's reality while living in America. This article is a platform article in which to build from as there is much to be said about people of color in sustainability. 

Check it out.