A Natural And Organic Mineral Makeup Line For Women Of Color

We interviewed Jasmine Rose, the founder of black-owned natural beauty brand Laws of Nature Cosmetics. Check out what we chatted about:


What are the core ingredients for your products and where are they sourced?

We used a variety of organic and natural botanical ingredients in our line. However, I’d say our core ingredient is our mineral pigments. Due to our strict standards, our mineral pigments must NOT contain toxic ingredients such as, talc, lead, parabens, bismuth oxchloride, petroleum and any other known toxins. We primarily source our mineral pigments from US suppliers.


Is mineral makeup trendy or is it really a healthier option? 

Overall, mineral makeup is the healthier choice. However, it is still important to study the ingredients in any beauty products whether it claims to be natural or not. Generally, ingredients are listed from highest percentage to lowest, so aim to choose products where synthetic ingredients are mainly at towards the end, if included at all. I highly recommend the EWG’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database to learn about the safety of your beauty products. Since switching to healthy beauty a decade ago, this has helped enormously!

Image by MelaninASS

Image by MelaninASS

Do you think women of color specifically need to invest in healthier MUA alternatives? Why or why not?

Image by MelaninASS

Image by MelaninASS

Yes! As a champion for women of color making the switch to healthy beauty, I feel it is important for us to invest in healthier makeup, skincare, haircare and food choices. Luckily, more and more brands are starting to cater to our individual beauty needs.

Ultimately, beauty products that contain natural ingredients help soothe, protect and heal the skin. Also, natural ingredients are generally free of potentially irritating chemicals, fragrances and preservatives.

Does being a WOC have anything to do with why you started the brand? Did it help shape your products or brand philosophy?

Being a women of color, more specifically an African-American has definitely shaped my brand. One of the reasons I decided to launch Laws of Nature Cosmetics grew out of frustration on having a hard time finding a healthy, all natural foundation that matched my deep brown skin tone. After years of frustration and research, I started experimenting with foundation recipes in my kitchen until I found something that worked for me. I figured other women of color too shared that same struggle on finding healthier makeup alternatives. This experience inspired me to launch the brand and offer a wide range of foundation shades for women of diverse skin tones and types.


Image by MelaninASS

Image by MelaninASS

Do you see a shift in healthier beauty brands in today’s market?

Most definitely! When I began a personal healthy beauty journey back in 2007, there weren’t many healthy beauty brands to choose from where I lived at the time. Now in 2017, there are hundreds of healthy beauty brands in major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Sephora, CVS, Walgreens and online. I am confident that the healthy beauty space will continue to grow.


How do you define beauty?

Holism is beauty. I feel most beautiful when I eat healthy foods, get quality sleep and exercise regularly. It always boosts my self-esteem, confidence and naturally enhances my outer appearance.