Sustainable Fashion Has Southern Roots With Boho-Chic Brand LUNASOUL


LUNASOUL is a womenswear brand that launched during the summer of 2014 as a means to approach fashion holistically. Founder and Atlanta, Georgia native, PAIGE DAWKINS had a passion for hand dyeing fabric which inspired her minimalist style and global influence. 

I wanted to make a company that had a fresh outlook on fashion, emphasizing sustainability with a fresh face; a brown woman.
— Paige

Paige was first introduced to sustainable fashion when the farm to table movement happened in the food industry and people started to wonder where their food was coming from. She knew this movement would eventually come to fashion, thus began a search for like minded individuals who questioned how and where their clothes were being made. She proactively did research and was later introduced to conscious fashion. It was a combination of research and genuine interest.

It wasn't long before LunaSoul became a brand committed to Slow Fashion. Paige creates small batches of timeless styles that are investment pieces for your closet. The slow fashion process for LUNASOUL includes manufacturing locally and sourcing fabrics and notions domestically - essentially, creating only what is necessary the cleanest and greenest way possible. Additionally, she sources all of her materials from U.S based companies.


At LUNASOUL, Paige is always looking for ways to implement sustainability within every aspect of the company. It could be something as small as purchasing eco friendly tape for the packaging, to something as big as producing a style with sustainable materials such as soy and bamboo. For this brand, the idea is to always search for ways to reduce the carbon imprint and implement them every step of the way.


"Because I am a woman of color it has positively impacted my fashion sensibility and those around me. There are not a lot of stand out designers of color that I can name beside Olivier Rousteing, Tracy Reese and Carly Cushnie. So the melanin in my skin in fact helps me and my brand stand out.

I do believe I have an unique perspective in fashion because I view and experience the world differently as a woman of color. However, my commitment to sustainability would be present regardless of my skin color, as I want to see a world where we create and consume only what is necessary."

Overall, Paige takes great pride in her travel and believes that visiting and experiencing other cultures opens the mind to the colors, smells and values of other cultures. This always provides a new outlook on her her work is viewed and approached. Thus, being able to share travel experiences through sustainable fashion is irreplaceable. 

My greatest achievement is seeing people react to my designs when they put it on. They do not want to take it off. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a woman try on one of my pieces and feeling amazing inside and out!
— Paige