Andre 3000 Has Partnered With Tretorn For A Cool Kids Minimalist Collection

As a shoe company, there are only a handful of people you want to partner with if you want to be seen as "Cool", and Andre 3000 is one of them. 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic Nylite, Tretorn is launching a new global marketing campaign tapping into influential artists and tastemakers. As part of this campaign ... singer, rapper, song writer, producer and actor - Andre 3000 is a creative partner with the Swedish global footwear brand. They just collaborated on a minimalist collection and rolled out a dope campaign, styled by fashion director Daniel Packar. In this Fall 2017 campaign, Andre shows off his always unpredictable style in retro, afrocentric looks complete with an array of Kufi hats.

We’re excited to collaborate with Andre. His creativity, unconventional personal style and unique point of view, as applied to our fresh and reimagined designs, will be an adventure.
— Nick Woodhouse (President and CMO of Authentic Brands Group, owner of the Tretorn)

This athletic footwear company isn't on our top sustainable shoe list, but we applaud the brand for ensuring that "labor is not exploited and the production methods are continuously revised for the good of the consumers and the environment." They have a PVC-Free policy for all of Tretorn men's shoes and Tretorn women's shoes and they work to be a socially conscious brand with commendable business practices.

Now, we have a lot of positive things to share about sustainability and sneaker culture ... but we will save that for another article. However, we love brands that push for cultural sustainability and this collaboration of celebrating the brand’s heritage with hip hop icons, certainly falls in line with the melaninASS ethos.