Prints on Prints on Prints with Printed Pattern People

With a passion for fashion and style, global voyager and founder of Printed Pattern People, Shade, launched her brand in the Fall 2014. With Nigeria, India and Thailand amongst her favorite places to travel; Shade is inspired by creative processes. What started out as simply connecting with artisans through traveling, organically turned into business partnerships across the glob.

Prints are a staple testament of style for indigenous communities.  Believing that her brand was “suppose to happen”, Shade created a line with an eclectic mix of chic garments and accessories. 

Printed Pattern People seeks out textile rich in color, print, pattern and texture from artisans around the globe that authentically showcases the handmade work and love of these cultures. Hand dyed materials like indigo, Mudcloth and some authentic Adire (Nigerian Tie dye) are some of her favorites.

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I strongly believe in cultivating and nurturing genuine relationships. Relationships are the only reason why I am where I am.
— Shade Akanbi

A huge goal of her brand is to always keep the integrity of the prints, patterns and textures. So weather Shade buys pieces as is, upcycles or creates her own looks from purchased fabric; authenticity is key!

Shade believes that it’s imperative to share stories through style. "Especially in a day and age where everything is being taken, reinterpreted and gentrified – let’s go back to the source."


This pioneer also doesn’t shy away from loving and showcasing her blackness. With an industry that is over saturates and accepts white standards of beauty – it’s refreshing to see diverse women of color being represented.

This is my standard of beauty – I’m going to keep showing what’s beautiful to me so, I’m going to keep showing black women. There’s not NEARLY enough positive images of black women. I’m not ashamed to say black people are beautiful and use them in my clothing I’m Nigerian American and proud.
— Shade Akanbi
Shade in Morocco 

Shade in Morocco 


Not only is Shade outspoken and open about representation and inclusion of black women, she is has a brand that is “Free Size” – meaning she promotes larger women and makes her clothes to fit petite as well as more full size figures.

I like to dress comfortably with ease and leisure. What our society does with size system is insane – my models are a size 6 – 22. This is a goal of the brand. I want ALL women to feel good.
— Shade Akanbi

With sustainable fashion still emerging in the market place, it’s not to know a brand that focuses on inclusivity from various points of view.  Consciousness is all about changing the way we think about things, and Shade is definitely cutting edge.

Style is what or how you speak through the way you put yourself together. It’s what you’re communicating to me without speaking.
— Shade Akanbi