PurpL Goat is Giving The Beauty Industry Food Grade Products For Illuminous Results

Taiann Eiland, founder and owner of PurpL Goat has created a brand that's inspired by love and empowered by actual ingredients most of which are food grade and natural. 


Check out the interview:

When and why did you start this brand? 

PurpL Goat was created in 2015 with the intention to treat my own struggle with severe cystic acne. After trying every product on the market with no success, I was able to formulate my own natural products that completely changed the quality of my skin. I knew I had to share it with the world. 



What does the name PurpL Goat mean?

It’s actually my ode to the two ingredients I used in the first product I created — the Goat Milk & Lavender Soap. PurpL signifies Lavender. Goat for goat milk. 


Where are your ingredients sourced? 

All of my ingredients are sourced from mother nature. In terms of origin — it varies. 80% of the line is food grade and safe for consumption. But that doesn’t mean you should eat it for dinner :).



How do you define beauty?

Beauty is confidence. Beauty is self love and being aware of your unique individuality as a human being. Beauty is kindness. Beauty is vulnerability — letting go of our old negative belief systems & whatever may be holding us back so we can be a light in this world. 


How do you think natural beauty products affect self love and empowerment? 

Our skin is our largest organ. Everything we apply topically goes directly into the bloodstream. When we are using products filled with toxins and hormone disrupters, there’s a huge chance of it causing damage in the future. Having an awareness of this and making a conscious effort to use clean ingredients creates empowerment. We should be taking care of ourselves as a whole. If we are eating clean and nourishing our internal health — that same love must go into our external health as well. 



Does being a woman of color influence your brand? And if so how?

As a woman of color, I feel as if I bring a certain flavor to the green beauty industry. For a short period of time I felt like I had to conform to be viewed as a, “conventional professional”. i love that i am able to fearlessly display my authentic personality and connect with similar women and men in the community. I also enjoy my responsibility to shine a light on our successes as a culture, as well as bringing attention to our issues and injustices. Some Green Beauty brands with a platform may shy away from this.