The Conscious Living Shop Is A Space Dedicated To Mindful Yet Chic Vibes For Everyone

More and more, we're seeing women of color taking over conscious and wellness spaces. Tiffany Shelton is a conscious maven who blogs about meditation and wellness, has a Chakra Guide book and owns an online Conscious Living Shop with meditation cushions, singing bowls and lounge wear. This crusader is all about making conscious living simple, sexy and inclusive.

Check out this amazing interview:


When and why did you begin your wellness journey?

I would say I began my wellness journey back in 2005. I started taking yoga classes more consistently and began to value the mind body connection and all the benefits of taking care of myself, (mind, body, and spirit). It was a time that I was struggling with heartbreak and family issues, so it was right on time. Soon after I went on to become a trained yoga instructor and began my psychology education. I continued on this journey blogging and speaking about my journey to elevate consciousness for greater wellbeing.  

Photo courtesy of Conscious Life Shop

Photo courtesy of Conscious Life Shop


How do you define "conscious"? 

For me consciousness is a state of awareness and integration. It’s about facing our shadows, facing our unconscious material, and doing the consciousness work to integrate our darkness into light. My wellness journey incorporates activities that bring awakening and insight, (i.e. therapy, yoga, meditation, journaling, etc.) all in an effort to attain self-fulfillment and vibrate higher.


You have an E-commerce site called "Conscious Life Shop" - when did this start? 

I started my store in 2016! It’s my baby, I’m so proud of how its grown with such a small investment and short amount of time. It really brings me so much joy.


Explain why you chose to merchandise the Sacred Space Collection? And you use certified organic cotton & natural dyes - how is this important for your brand? 

Photo courtesy of Conscious Life Shop

Photo courtesy of Conscious Life Shop

I chose to create a Sacred Space collection really because I was looking for meditation cushions for my home and I couldn’t find one that was modern enough to fit with my style and home décor. Everything I searched for was either boring or super traditional. So I started to design my own cushion set and thought maybe other modern meditators might appreciate the collection as well. I use organic and eco-friendly materials because environmental consciousness is essential to the brand. As much as possible, it is important for me to import and design products that honor our earth.


How does your Lounge wear collection speak to your brand's mantra?

Photo courtesy of Conscious Life Shop

Photo courtesy of Conscious Life Shop

Our loungewear speaks to the brand mantra because it is especially curated for the modern sexy meditator. Our whole vibe is creating a space for meditators that don’t fit the traditional idea of what it means to meditate. You don’t have to be boring, or draped in Indian garb. You can be your chic sexy self, and have a meditation practice! Our Sacred Loungewear offers pieces that you can meditate and chill in, while feeling comfy and sexy.


What's you'r greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is my Higher Power. Everything I do, everything I am is infused with my love for God. This is why the mind, body, spirit connection is so important to me. When I am connected to my soul, my Higher Power, I am a better person and feel most inspired. This connection makes me feel free and endlessly creative. I’m so grateful for His love, grace, and inspiration that he shines on me daily.