This Woman Is Passionate About Healing & Is Growing A Sliding Scale Reiki and Doula Space For WOC Through Her Love Of Yoga

We connected with Lauren Solomon, founder of Lotus Sol to chat about her healing work and continuous learning journey in alternative medicine.

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When did you start getting interested in various healing / holistic modalities and why this shift?

Photo via Lauren Solomon

Photo via Lauren Solomon

My interest in healing/holistic modalities began with the practice of yoga. I was first introduced to yoga during a very challenging time in my life. Ironically, my first class was disappointing and off-putting. I was seeking peace and instead experienced an instructor who only spoke in Sanskrit, offered no variations or modifications for the postures and I felt like an outcast and un-welcomed. I would soon learn that many people of color frequently have similar experiences in wellness spaces that appear "inclusive" but are clearly not created for me or anyone who looks like me (at that time it seemed obvious to me that yoga was exclusively for skinny affluent white women who wear $100+ spandex pants). 

Fortunately, I rediscovered my passion for yoga 7 years ago at a small studio in Harlem led by a woman of color. What I found is not something I cannot put into words, but I was clear that whatever "it" was, I wanted more of it. Yoga quickly became far more than a workout, the practice had begun unearthing and healing within me traumas that I had neatly tucked far, far away. So I just kept showing up...and the rest is still unfolding!

I decided to switch careers (formerly a Wall Street Finance professional) and create Lotus Sol because choosing the perceived security of my six-figure salary and being unhappy/dissatisfied with my work became intolerable. My career in Finance was what I could do and I was certainly capable of doing well, however, Finance was not what I have been called/anointed to do.

What does being a Reiki practitioner mean to you/ for you? 

My experience as a Reiki and yoga practitioner have revealed to me how the lack of loving touch is a significant source of suffering in our “modern” culture/society. People are often so starved for loving human touch that their need for it over time manifests as physical illness and dis-ease.

Our hands carry a huge amount of healing energy. I use my hands as sacred anointed instruments. I “do” nothing. I am humbled to be a vessel for the healing energy of all creation (seen and unseen) to flow through me in service to others. 

Photo via MelaninASS

Photo via MelaninASS

Why do you think Reiki may important particularly in the Black community? 

I strongly believe that everyone deserves healing - period. 

Photo via Lauren Solomon

Photo via Lauren Solomon

As a Black woman, I have a vested interest in my people and black/brown communities. As an independent practitioner and business woman, I am grateful that I get to discern to whom I make my gifts and talents available and I consciously choose to prioritize, serve and create for people of color. 

It's important to me that I contribute to Black/brown communities seeing and experiencing themselves represented in non-caricature/stereotypical ways (e.g. birth workers, healers, herbalists). This is vitally important because when a people rarely or worse, never sees themselves or anyone who looks like them in certain roles and environments we begin to subconsciously believe that "it" (whatever "it" is) is not for us/does not belong to us. The consequences result in our denying and opting ourselves out of experiences and opportunities that we need, deserve and often originally created!

As we heal, we are liberated from the destructive epigenetic trauma both now and for generations to come. 

"If our magic and our medicine isn't radical, then who is it for anyway?" -- unknown

How do you balance energy healing for your patients with your own self care and healing? 

Great question! No one is my "patient" per se. Our experience together is reciprocal/mutually beneficial in nature I receive as much as "I" give.

I am learning to unapologetically prioritize me and my holistic well-being first and foremost (some days are more aligned than others) so that I may adequately create and hold space for others. 

I've learned that "no" is a complete sentence and requires no explanation to anyone. 

I've also grown to appreciate the power of having boundaries - honoring what I feel as well as what I don't feel. In order to be who I have been created to be in this world I must act from integrity and keep my cup overflowing so that I may share of myself and my energy with other from a place of plenty. Therefore, balance

Photo via Lauren Solomon

Photo via Lauren Solomon

Is there anything that you're particularly excited about in the near future? If so, share the goods! 

I recognize that I am still becoming. I am being called to continue my journey as a healer and am extremely excited about expanding my healing offerings for black and brown communities as a birth doula and breastfeeding advocate in addition to beginning my apprenticeship to become a medicine woman (i.e. herbalist).

Where do you see the future of the wellness industry?

I foresee a revolutionary decolonization of the consciousness of people of color resulting in our remembering, honoring and offering the myriad teachings and wisdom of our ancestors. We will no longer "cast our pearls before swine" and boldly be the responsible stewards of all that is sacred...collective healing...the rebirth of a mighty nation! Ase! Ase! Ase!