Queendom Cultivation: A Jewelry Brand That Focuses On The Energy Of Mother Earth While Pushing For Representation In Alternative Healing

We are so excited to chat with Jazmine Danielle, founder of Queendom Cultivation.

Check out the interview:

When and why did you start Queendom Cultivation and what does the name mean/represent?

I started making jewelry for myself back in 2016 and I decided to turn it into a business soon after. Queendom Cultivation launched January 1st, 2017. My partner gifted me my first crystals in the form of a rose quartz bracelet for my birthday in 2016. I began to use the bracelet for my own healing needs and realized there was a gap between holistic wellness practices and the black community. I had no understanding, prior to learning of metaphysics, of how to heal myself. I saw that there is a reliance on western "medicine" in our community that makes us more of a number for profit for the pharmaceutical industry,  more so than human beings with physical illnesses that can be healed with mental, emotional, and spiritual treatments.

Queendom Cultivation received its name from my focus on the energy of Mother Earth. We are inhabitants of her Queendom. When we work with the Earth and appreciate her gifts she has given, we develop a mutual understanding and partnership with her. Through my work with healing crystals, I cultivate healing pieces for us, using the energy of Earth. 

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How do you define sustainability? 

Sustainability means to be aligned with preservation and conscious concern for the long term renewability of our existence.

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On your Instagram, it says that your pieces are "cleansed and reiki blessed" ... what does that mean?

My pieces are all cleansed regularly using smudging with yerba santa, sage, or palo santo and sound cleansing with a singing bowl to clear any energy that may be store in the piece. Crystals emit and receive energy all day, it is important when using them to make sure that we care for them in order to receive the most benefit. I cleanse every piece I make before they are shipped out to anyone. I am also a certified reiki practitioner so once I create a piece, and even during the process, I set an intention into the peace and bless the piece with universal energy of the highest good.

How does being a Black woman/WOC influence your brand? 


Being a black woman is a huge part of my brand. I make sure to include parts of myself in all of my photos, there is no doubt that the creatress of this magic is black. This is important to me because when I first built my brand I was afraid to show that I was black for fear of the thoughts that non POC would have when they saw my work. That fear has subsided. I realize that my blackness is important to my clients that look like me but feel that crystals and metaphysics is not for them. Representation matters. I created Queendom Cultivation for the void I saw in my own community. This void cannot be address if I hide any parts of myself. I am a black woman first and foremost and my drive and determination is as powerful as it is because I have ancestors that were black women that built their own legacies in dark times and pushed thru. I'm doing what I'm doing because of what they were able to do.


What is one healing/wellness ritual that you live by? 

I swear by spending time by the ocean. That is my self-care practice.