IKKIVI Ethical Fashion Haul With Founder Dominique Drakeford

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This e-commerce shop this is the first one we’ve seen that is intentionally created to highlight modern fashion-forward brands that are based in India with a platform that is creatively curated by all people of color. With 30+ slow fashion designers, IKKIVI is breaking the aesthetic stigma of Indian fashion and helping to build localized circularity.

Today we wanted to visually show that contemporary Indian fashion can compete in the luxury marketplace and needs to be valued as an elite sustainable style option!

MelaninASS founder, Dominique Drakeford, pulled pieces from a hand-full of designers to put together a couple of fun looks!


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Oversized Stripe Shirt: https://global.ikkivi.com/products/oversized-stripe-shirt (handloom chanderi, Organza sleeves) - by Kanelle

Janine Pants: https://global.ikkivi.com/collections/little-things-studio/products/janine-pants (lightweight chanderi) - Little Things

Pyramid Scarf: https://global.ikkivi.com/collections/rias-jaipur/products/pyramid-scarf (hand block printed cotton) - by RIAS Jaipur

Ela Trifold Maroon Wallet: https://global.ikkivi.com/collections/arture/products/ela-trifold-wallet (cork + organic cotton) - by Arture


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24 Block Scarf: https://global.ikkivi.com/collections/rias-jaipur/products/24-block-scarf (hand block printed cotton) - by RIAS Jaipur

Elderflower: https://global.ikkivi.com/collections/khara-kapas/products/elderflower (mulmul cotton) - by Kharakapas

Photos by: Timothy Smith

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