MelaninASS Exclusive Editorial: From Minimalism To Concrete Jungle

Often times when we see sustainable fashion the visuals are saturated with singular narratives. Far too often, the clothes are modeled by none person of color. Far too often, it has the same minimalism aesthetic. And far too often, the most sustainably focused brands produce images that get boxed into the "crunchy granola" aesthetic. 

So we wanted to spice things up a bit ... as per usual, sending a message!  

Our Palestinian muse is Ahlam Abbas who is the founder of the nontoxic beauty brand, The Dirty Lamb. We shot in two different environments showing the versatility of ethical fashion and the environmental  juxtaposition of beauty. Additionally, sharing a narrative that WOC can be represented in both atmospheres: From curated spaces focused on minimalism to the urban jungle surrounded by concrete and graffiti.



 Cecilia Rinaldi is creates artisanal ecological design handmade in Italy!  The brand dedicated to ethical and conscious fashion; creating clothing and accessories based on environmental and social sustainability using fabrics and organic materials produced locally. Each collection is created with the idea of Slow Fashion, emphasizing sustainability, beauty, longevity and respect for humanity. Italian style is combined with a deconstructed form influenced by different Asian cultures resulting in a refined and minimal urban chic style. This brand strongly promotes continual research into new innovative methods while always referencing Italian traditions to maintain high quality products with a low environmental impact.



Photography: Timothy Smith

Creative Director/ Styling: Dominique Drakeford

MUA: Admin Rivero

Model: Ahlam Abbas