Reuse, Sustain and Make Old New Again

SUSTAINABILITY is a huge umbrella of efforts, initiatives and standards towards igniting healthy alternatives both environmentally and socially. Technology and material innovation are currently huge topics in sustainable fashion development… however; good old fashion recycling, upcycling and repurposing are also a huge part of the equation. Addie Benson, founder of Old World New (OWN) has a simple mantra: "Reuse, Sustain and Make Old New Again”.

OWN is a blog about making old things new again and looking damn good in the process. Benson promotes beautiful thrift fashion in Texas, in addition to sharing ways that people can be more sustainable in their everyday lives. Despite Georgia and Texas’ successful thrifting tours, it’s not often that the South is in mainstream conversations of fashion, let alone sustainable fashion. But Old World New is giving a voice to sustainable southern style!

Addie defines sustainability as “having minimal negative impact on the earth”. In understanding purchasing power, she explains that sustainability dictates how we shop: how often we shop, where we choose to buy, and what we choose to buy. Obviously we don’t expect any one person to be 100% sustainable, but with knowledge and access, we can make and encourage others to make informed decisions.

Many people, like Addie depend on thrifting to make their fashion desires a reality. Thrifting often as two main narratives of rationale: Number one, which is NOT discussed enough in sustainable fashion conversations, is socio-economic status and/or financial disposition. Often times, thrift-goers are looking for wallet friendly options just to have clothes on their back or to look classically stylish on a budget. The second option is a sheer obsession with vintage style. Many people don’t want to look like mannequins from popular retailers, so mixing thrift and vintage apparel gives your style some real personality. Whatever the reason ... thrifting doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Overall, building a strong community is imperative for this passionate thrift enthusiast. She understands that it will take more than just her efforts alone to make a sustainable impact that inspires others to make informed decisions. In addition to Old World New, Addie is currently building a conscious community through Thrift It! Clique, which encourages thrifters to share their thrift finds, their thrifting victories, and how they are making thrift fashion relevant and beautiful. Additionally, this 'mother to be' has also recently launched a Baby branch of her blog, which focuses on natural and sustainable living, as well. Lastly, Summer 2016, Addie will launch the home décor brand called The Bazaar by Old World New, which features curated second finds and modern sustainable designs.  



People of color + Sustainability + Fashion= ICONIC.  Archetypal. The perfect example of ethical and mindful beauty for all.