You'll Become A "Pookalita" After Learning About This Conscious Beauty Brand

Not knowing that this brand focused on handmade bath and body products, we were immediately drawn to its creative name "POOKA Pure And Simple". After learning more about the ethos of this vibrant and tropical brand, we had to interview founder Dawn Fitch and learn a bit more about this uniquely named power house! 


When and why did you start Pooka Pure & Simple? What does the name mean?

I started Pooka in 2000 after I was battling illness and felt the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, so I began exploring holistic therapies and aromatherapy. While reading the labels on so many of my cosmetic products and becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous chemicals in them, I began making and selling my products.  The response was great and I realized that I had started a business!  In 2007 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so healthy living is essential to my life and my brand.  We call everybody who loves pooka, Pookalitas!  The name pookalita came from my mom, who called us that when we were little.  I wanted to call the company pookalita but couldn’t fit it on the label, so chop, chop and viola POOKA!

Photo by MelaninASS 

Photo by MelaninASS 


What are the core ingredients for your products and where are they sourced?

We’re proud that most of our products are 5 ingredients or less. The core is Shea Butter and we use simple, natural oils like Avocado, Coconut, Soybean, Evening primrose and Jojoba.  Our Shea Butter is sourced from a wholesale bulk supplier of Fair Trade Certified Refined Organic Shea Nut Butter.


How do you define sustainability?

I believe that a sustainable business is one that practices environmentally-friendly operations; one that ensures that processes, products and manufacturing activities adequately address current environmental concerns.  For me, It’s taking care of this planet and protecting the environment for our future generations. We all have to do our part, especially in the manufacturing & beauty industries.


Why did you decide to position yourself as a luxe eco- beauty brand?

Photo by Pooka

Photo by Pooka

Learning to live with Multiple Sclerosis has been a challenge but I’m thriving!  I see everything through a new lens, looking at ingredients, toxicity, food, environment everything plays a part in our health.  The business began because I needed to be more conscious about my health BUT i’m still a girly girl and had to fuse my new found health life with my fantastic smell goods.  Our skin care line helps fun, health conscious women who want to be a little healthier by using simple healthy products that don’t compromise fun delicious fragrances! That’s what Pooka is all about!


How do you define beauty?

CONFIDENCE!  When I was younger I struggled like so many teens with not looking like the pretty girls in the magazine but now that I’m older I realize who the beautiful women are, the ones who are confident.  The more confident someone is on the inside the more they glow on the outside.


Do you see a shift of natural beauty brands? Do you see advancements in the conscious beauty industry as a whole? 

I do see a shift in the natural beauty brands.  Years ago, we were all making things here and there and we were content with doing the occasional flea market or church fair. But the naturals today are doing it big.  They are not stopping at the fairs and festivals, they are growing bigger brands and making the larger companies take notice.  It’s very exciting.  We’re playing in the big leagues. :-)

Photo by MelaninASS 

Photo by MelaninASS 


Does being a woman of color influence your brand? If so, how?

Most definitely, one of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that this is my creation and I can showcase women who look like me.  I partner with another entrepreneur and we host classes for girl scouts and young girls, it is so fulfilling to empower them and be beauty role models for them.


What has inspired you the most?

The amount of support, kind words, prayers, good thoughts that people have showered me with. There are some days when I’m on the verge of throwing in the towel and I always receive some empowerment and love from someone unexpected.  They’ll never know just how much it has kept me going.