Celebrating WOC and Spinning Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Bras At The Same Damn Time

Did you know that PLASTIC is made from fossil fuels which are non-renewable resources. In other words, plastic can't be used repeatedly and replaced naturally. Our 'beloved' plastic bottles end up in landfills and will sit for hundreds of years, as they will not disintegrate. 

In case you didn't know, plastic is the number one consumed item in the world and negatively affects marine life, contributes immensely to landfill waste and its production contributes to green house gas emissions due to being made from fossil fuels. 


Thankfully, regions of the world are creating initiatives to minimize plastic. In the US, California has been at the forefront of reducing plastic. San Francisco is the first city in the nation to ban plastic bags. It's no wonder why Shobha Philips, founder of PROCLAIM decided to make San Francisco the hub for her Inclusive Nude Bra Collection Spun From Recycled Plastic Bottles.

In starting Proclaim, I felt like I had an opportunity and platform to make a bigger impact. By using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, we are diverting plastic that ends up in landfills. We’re also just trying to raise awareness and make people think about and question where things come from and what they are made of.
— Shobha Phillps

Newly launched just some months ago, Proclaim is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. Their bras are cut and sewn at a facility that meets the strict labor standards of the City of San Francisco. Their ethical production process is comprehensive—including paying the skilled women and men who make our bras fair hourly wages rather than per piece (a practice that often promotes quantity over quality and unsafe work conditions).




Proclaim is not only revolutionizing the after life of plastic but also tackling a very important issue of inclusivity and diversity in the "nude" fashion industry. 

I think it’s so important for WOC to get involved in the sustainable fashion space as historically, WOC around the world are the ones who have been exploited and deeply impacted by the negative environmental effects of the fashion industry. As a WOC I want to be a part of the change and I really believe sustainable practices in fashion are the way forward.  We need to be a part of the conversation.
— Shobha Philips

As a woman with brown skin, Shobha was very much aware of the industry's narrow definition of "nude". With years of frustration came innovation and passion for promoting diversity for women of color globally. And this is just the beginning of her journey! 

We are looking forward to expanding our size offerings and introducing new underwear and bra styles in the next few months.  The nude revolution is just beginning and I there are so many possibilities in creating the beautiful, nude staples WOC have been waiting for.
— Shobha Phillips