A Brooklyn-Based Candle Brand Named After A Romantic Collection Of Love Notes

If you didn't know, Brooklyn is booming with indie makers who are changing the game. CEO and founder of Love Notes, Nya Kam creates scented soy candles that are hand poured right in her Brooklyn home. With illuminating scents, Love Notes are ethically made from soy wax and cotton lead free wicks! Kam is passionate about creating unique custom blended scents that leave a relaxing aroma that's inspired by LOVE. 

Photo by MelaninASS

Photo by MelaninASS

When and why did you start Love Notes?

Home Fragrances (weather candles, potpourri, air sprays)  has always been an element in my home.  Lighting up a candle at the end of my work day for a pleasant aroma, while listening to soft music still is part of my nightly routine. Having a background in the fashion industry, I felt the need to be creative.  Unfortunately not all of our professions allow that.  SOOO it was gratifying for me to create something of my own that I can enjoy. 

I learned how to make candles, did research on various scents, and created my own scented soy candle – not only the scents, but down to the, design, packaging, and style.  Presence and packaging is everything to me. 


What inspired the name "Love Notes"?

Photo by Love Notes

Photo by Love Notes

The name “Love Notes”  was inspired from a relationship that I was in.  At the time, the gentleman too was a romantic and expressed it through cards, letters, and texts.  However, since young I have been a collector of love letters. (Til this day, I still have held on to old love letters, cards, that I received from old boyfriends, parents, and dear friends). The name “Love Notes” became a no brainer for me because I think each person has either received or written one ,and whether you are the receiver or giver of a love note, it undoubtedly puts you in a place of feeling special, thought of, vulnerability and loved. I want my consumers to have the same emotion and be inspired to create the environment for themselves while burning my Love Notes candle.


How do you define sustainability and how are your candles ethically produced?

Sustainability to me is defined as having a high level of quality that is multifunctional and prevails.  Love Notes Candles are both sustainable and ethical. Each of my candles are hand poured by me, made from soy wax (an all natural wax), cotton lead free wicks, and made with custom blended scents that I have created.  When I designed and decided to make candles, it was important for me to have a certain taste level and standard that will resonate quality, uniqueness, answer to one’s aromatherapy needs, while creating a mood and being environmentally safe.


Does being a woman of color influence your brand? If so, how?

I do think being a woman of color has influenced my brand, but being a womanmore so. The product down to the packaging reads “WOMAN” all over it. Though, I will say that my first opportunity in stores to distribute my brand, were from two women of color. Bloggers have approached me and  they were also Women of Color.  That speaks volumes to me. We, “women of color”, have given each other an opportunity to position ourselves to get to the next level. One of our stererotypes is that women of color do NOT support each other.  That is NOT true! We all have gifts to offer.  We may think other races may have more potential and resources (whether financially or network), BUT today there is so much being offered by women of color who want to influence.  We just need to continue to build our own and join with each other so that we too can grow,  flourish and NOT need  “someone” else’s resources or networks.


What has been your greatest achievement thus far?

I am still working on the biggest achievement, but creating Love Notes has afforded me other opportunities, meeting other beautiful individuals, and creating valuable conversations with strangers I probably would have never met.  Priceless.


Photo by Urban Fresh

Photo by Urban Fresh