With A Private Practice & A Wellness Production Company, Dr. Crystal Jones Is Challenging Black Women To Be Proactive In Their Healing Journey

We were elated to sit down and chat with Dr. Crystal Jones who owns a private practice called “Heal With Crystal” and is the founder and CEO of a wellness production company, “The Healers’ Collective”.

There are many healers globally but when we found a brand that works primarily with WOC, it was imperative that we learn more about what’s at stake and how important healing is, specifically for black women.

In a previous MelaninASS Vanguard interview, Crystal McCreary (yoga instructor and community holistic healing activist) said that, “women of color are like the soul of humanity.

Similarly, Dr. Crystal Jones believes that WOC posses a special power if they tap into it. “When a black woman reclaims her power, she heals herself and when she heals herself , the entire universe elevates.”

Dr. Jones started off as a nutritionist. In fact her first job was a nutritionist in the jail. 

I wasn’t able to treat people as if they were human – everyone had to be treated by the book. So before I met someone, I already had to have a remedy. While that’s what I was taught to do, it didn’t allow for critical thinking.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

With the perils of the jail system, she became a wellness consultant and started working more in the corporate arena. With a fascination in behavior change, she wanted to learn more about the physical elements. So she went chiropractor school and became a certified chiropractor.  Additionally she studied at a healing artist temple where she learned to master reiki, energy healing and reflexology.


Through all of these teachings combined she learned the individuality of the human space.


Over the past several years, Dr. Jones has worked primarily with women who are in intense vulnerable spaces. They are usually taking care of everyone else and they’ve lost who they are. Whether they’ve attempted suicide, are substance abusers or suffering from depression, Crystal works to put that power of healing back in to them.

I speak with women through there traumatic experiences. We’re looking at truths that they have developed that has created the life that they are living. And then we elevate in those truths. And as we elevate through those truths and they begin to change their narrative … there bodies start to change. And I use body work to adapt their body to their truths.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

What is this experience like working with black women from all walks of life:


The first two questions I ask people when they see me are

1) who are you?

2) what is it that you want from me?

I notice that black women don’t know how to answer those questions. They tell me their titles: they tell me that they’re strong, that they’re a mother / a single mother, a wife … all of these things that have created this “title” that they started living up to.

They have a hard time saying “ I am … ”

 They come to me without an awareness of who they are!

I see a lot of depression and anxiety and what people don’t understand is that those are connections to the higher self. We hide it and cover it up with whatever it takes to make it to the next day. I see a lot of awareness of who the black woman needs to be but not who the black woman is!


With 10 years of experience, Dr. Jones sees these interesting wellness challenges for black women and WOC at large. They seem to be always running on an empty tank to please everyone else. “The are pulling from reserves, not abundance”.  Crystal explained that, when they take a moment for themselves, they feel like they are taking it away from their husbands, kids or jobs. Many women are failing to realize that if you don’t take the time for yourself – you’re going to run dry.


Dr. Jones wellness practice is extremely intimate, however, her production company is more public and community building. With an extensive history in the entertainment industry, she noticed that “so many people in this industry have to become someone for someone else”.

So she became passionate about bringing wellness production to the corporate entertainment industry community, whether that was yoga, meditation, chiropractor work or juicing. It’s so exciting to see a company that consults, curates and executes wellness events for the corporate community.

After so many years of practice and work across different mediums and modalities, Dr. Crystal makes it clear the importance of sustaining herself so that she’s not running on reserves.


She shares her secret to longevity: 

To not pull from my reserves .. I have a couple of rules :

  1. I don’t do humans before 11 am

  2. I don’t do humans on Monday

This is the time I connect with my higher power. Dealing with a lot of shadow work (people who are really in their darkness) – it’s more beneficial for me and my clients to be a guide to help people work through their own things, without my agenda interfering.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

For the past 3 years, she has dedicated a lot of efforts to helping women heal themselves as oppose to her doing all of the healing. Crystal found that when she tried to force clients to let go before they are ready – it physically took a toll on her body.

I was pouring so much into people – now when I do any type of work, I don’t use forceful measures because the body is going to do what it wants to do. The sessions are always about where they want to be – not where any formal education lead me to believe where they should be. And with that I’m able to walk out of sessions clear. It’s a much more beautiful and sacred space.
— Dr. Crystal Jones


We are looking forward to the future of Dr.Crystal’s work as she plans for the expansion of her private practice and production company.