Golden Flourish: A Holistic Wellness Coaching Brand For WOC That Also Sells Majestic Organic Tea Blends

More and more we are starting to see safe spaces for women of color to heal. Whether dealing with the perils of exclusion from feminist movements, daily racial barricades or familial struggles poisoned by social economic degradation, women of color have a lot to deal with. We love wellness platforms advocating for melaninated, there is a heightened need for WOC focused private practices such as  Dr. Crystal Jones' Heal With Crystal , yoga specialist Crystal McCreary of Crystal McCreary Yoga and Jennifer Sterling's Black Girl Healing Project. Now we've sat down with Rachel of Golden Flourish:




When and why did you start Golden Flourish?

I started conceptualizing Golden Flourish in 2015. Over the years prior, I began to realize how much women of color gave of themselves instead of to themselves. During that time I also discovered my purpose, which is to Nurture the Life of the Next Generation, so what better way to live in purpose. I could uplift women of color, contribute to the shift in us being able to care for ourselves, and show up as our best whenever someone else needed us. We are the teachers, mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins of the generations to follow. Our self care matters for the
greater good of our society.



How do you define wellness?

To me wellness is not just exercising or eating “healthy”. Wellness consists of the whole person, how each area of our life contributes to a more balanced feeling of self. It’s providing ourselves exactly what you need, not on anyone else’s terms. The areas that make up the whole person wellness are our career choices , finances, relationships, spirituality, play, physical and mental health. Wellness is definitely NOT a one size fits all.


Does being a woman of color influence your brand? If so how?

Being a woman of color definitely influences my brand. I feel like it gives other women of
color the ability to give themselves permission to take care of themselves. Often we have not
been represented in wellness and slowly we are opening up space for each other to heal and
live well. Therefore, showing up and sharing wellness from my perspective will give other
women of color the tools they need, confidence to be okay with wherever they are in wellness,
and to show up.



What are 3 self care tips that you feel are the most important?

- Breathe; Taking 3 Deep Cleansing Breaths can make the world of a difference
- Focus on the smaller ways you can or have made your self care a priority and keep doing
those until you can get to the bigger things (Ex. Drinking your morning cup of tea or coffee,
taking a warm shower, and eating a meal).
- Be Gentle with yourself through the process; you don’t have to do EVERYTHING. Share
tasks when and where you can.
- BONUS TIP: Talk to someone, don’t hold it all in; Therapist, Friend, Family, Accountability
Group, or a Coach.


Tell us a little bit about your organic tea blends that you sell... how does this fit into your wellness brand?


I grew up in a Jamaican household and any time I had a cold, flu, stomach bug, you name it, there was almost always a tea suggestion to assist in recovery. Understanding how important this was for my own wellness growing up I knew it was something others needed to be reminded of, to get back to. Herbal tea has been around for decades and now is the time for us to reconnect to the ways our ancestors healed themselves. Herbal tea, like wellness coaching and any other wellness modality can promote a healthier, nourished being in a holistic way as well. For me tea drinking has become one of my small acts of self care. It’s pretty easy to do and I can enjoy the process.