An 100% Organic Hair Oil Brand That Is Growing Back Everyone's Edges

We've interviewed some outstanding and incredible Black owned brands with organic hair oil  such as Love & Snow, Afro Hair & Skin Co. and Beneath Your Mask! However, we've never interviewed a hair oil brand whose foundation was built on customer reviews. Despite the brand's name "Glammed Naturally", the packaging and branding is pretty simple but what seems to be glamorous are the results.  Jummie Ogunyemi, founder of Glammed Naturally is building an empire purely based on authentic raving customer reviews - check out her Instagram feed full of "Galmmed Reviews". 


Tap into this interview to learn more about this organic hair oil brand:


When and why did you start Glammed Naturally? 

I started mixing oils in 2013 after I went natural. My passion for natural hair grew and I
created a blog (Glammednaturally) in 2014 to support the natural hair movement. Mixing
oils started as a passion for me, I mixed oils for family and friends and because of the
result they received my sister in law encouraged me to make it into a business to help
other women and men achieved healthier hair. Glammednaturallyoil was birth in 2016. I
created 2 different formulas (with Gods help) I didn’t study cosmetology, I actually
studied law. All my formulas were inspired by God I prayed to him to help me create an
oil that would make a difference. I asked for one formula he gave me two formulas. The
Hair oil encourages growth and the braid oil helps eliminate dandruff, itchy and dry scalp
when a protective hairstyle is installed.



What has your personal hair journey been like? 

I went natural after my first daughter was born in 2012 and to be honest it was a love and hate relationship. At the beginning of my natural hair journey I struggled with loving my
hair and wearing it out. I was a product junkie I tried everything and I really didn’t love
the result. So I started making my own deep treatments conditioners and mixing my own
oils with all natural ingredients. I realized that the fewer products I used and the more
natural ingredients I used on my hair, the better my hair grew. Then in 2017 after my
second daughter was born I lost all of my edges woke up one day and it was all GONE I
cried i was upset and discouraged- I LOST ALL MY EDGES DUE TO PREGNANCY.
Out of that frustration I RECREATED Glammednaturally Hair Oil to work for me to
grow my edges and it did. I took pictures every month and uploaded it on Instagram. I
wanted my customers to know that I am a big FAN of my oils, I trust my oils, it worked
for me and can work for them too.


Photo courtesy of Glammed Naturally

Photo courtesy of Glammed Naturally


What are your core ingredients and where are they sourced?

It was very important for me to use orgnanic ingredients because I personally
experienced that a lot of the products in the beauty stores were causing damage to my
natural hair. I used organic ingredients on my hair and saw RESULTS- better results.
When mixing my oils in the past before I used organic oils it wasn’t as effective as the
organic oils. I achieved better results using organic oils so when creating my oils I wasn’t
going to settle for any thing less than organic. ORGANIC IS QUALITY AND MORE

Photo by MelaninASS

Photo by MelaninASS


Why was it important for you to use organic ingredients? 

The core ingredients are olive and castor oil- Olive oil is USDA Organic Certified it
contains oleic palmitic, Linoleic and stearic fatty acid. Our olive oil originates from
Spain. At harvest time, the olives are picked and washed with cold water. They are
ground into paste and spun in a centrifuge which extracts the oil from the olive mixture.
It is known as the “first cold press,” though it’s actually spun instead of pressed. This
process usually occurs within 24 hours from the time the olives are harvested. Our Castor
Oil is USDA Organic certified originates from India.

Photo by MelaninASS

Photo by MelaninASS


WOC especially have different experiences with their hair - what's the best way for kinky haired customers to use your oils?

The best way to use our hair and braid oil is to massage daily on scalp every day for
better result. Both oils are great for pre and post poo hair treatments. Our braid oil is great
for protective hairstyle maintenance- apply to scalp every day. It eliminates itchy and flaky scalp and your braids last longer. Our hair oil is also a great hair moisturizer just
add water.