Mrs. Jones: A Deadstock Brand That Designs Only Pieces That Go With Air Force Ones

Sustainable fashion is a lot of fun because there are so many unique brands out in the universe who continue to challenge traditional norms. We were very excited to interview the new and funky brand Mrs. Jones (not to be confused with the Billy Paul's R&B hit from the 70's). 

Founded by Nichole Moss (AKA Mrs. Jones), this brand pays homage to all of the beautiful women who impact the world. As a Woman of Color, Nichole especially works to dispel the very limiting narrative of who holds space across the different genres of fashion.

We haven’t really had a guage in the market and we’ve been pigeonholed into street wear or really high end couture - nothing in between. And for the longest time we didn’t have one of us represented in the day dress market - Tracy Reese was the last one and it’s been a long time.

This is my way of saying that we are more than street wear, which is great, but we can do more than that. It’s not just these two categories. We can contend with the best of them.
— Nichole Moss

Nichole started in the music business working for Source magazine in the fashion department. She also worked for Def Jam in PR and marketing and also got her hands dirty in children's fashion with Calvin Klein. With a heavy entertainment background, ethical fashion came about by accident. 

Always passionate about becoming a fashion designer, creating limited edition and small runs forced her to become more conscious. 

I’m using deadstock fabrics and the sustainability factor came from that. 
— Nichole Moss
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 7.47.48 PM.png

Not only did Nichole seek to have a brand focused on up cycling, she wanted to make sure that WOC were visually represented.

We’re simply not represented enough. Being a WOC, it’s our time - there’s a shift happening - a revolution. I’m a woman of a certain age and I’m showing that a WOC can do it and it’s never too late. This is my dream. 
— Nichole Moss

Mrs. Jones is 100% inspired by vintage style and the cultural landscape of Mexico City, Los Angeles and New York. Everything is wearable and it's either 100% cotton or silk deadstock creations. We love her emphasis on everything being dedicated to women - For Women, By Women and completely stepping away from big business models. Their factory in Mexico is completely woman owned and operated! 

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When asking Nichole about upcoming collections, she shares that the next capsule collection is called "The Baby Momma" collection and it's dedicated to all of the single moms. 


But despite all of the cool things she has coming up, perhaps the best part of the interview was this simple statement:

I don’t design anything that doesn’t go with Air Force ones. 
— Nichole Moss

Her marriage of womanhood, ethics and Hip Hop culture is the type of originality we love to see in this industry!