This Non-Toxic Personal Care Brand Embodies The Energy, Spirit & Culture Of Oakland

Oakland holds a special place for MelaninASS founder, Dominique Drakeford, grew up in Oakland which was a huge inspiration for the manifestation of this blog. Oakland and the "Bay Area" is such an electric city with some of the most innovative creatives, healers and entrepreneurs including Dimple & Dot, Proclaim, Chan & Krys,  Azteca Negra, Skosh, and Beija-Flor Naturals. So we are beyond excited to interview Nubian Flunder, founder of The Healing Place Apothecary to learn more about her non-toxic personal care brand.


Check out this interview:

When and why did you start The Healing Place Apothecary? 

I officially started The Healing Place Apothecary in 2012 out of my private practice, The Healing Place Clinic, where I specialized in the treatment of skin disorders, women’s health and pain relief using herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture. The reason was two fold; I had been making topical remedies for patients for some time and they encouraged me to expand. The second reason was because I had become a mother and wanted to restructure my work life to spend more time with my son. Best decision ever. 



Who is your demographic and how does living in Oakland influence your brand? 

Our demographic is professional women of color between 25 and 60 years old who are tech savvy and shop online. These women have expendable cash and desire non-toxic personal care products that allow them to be healthy and fabulous. I HELLA love Oakland! Oakland is like no other place and my business is heavily inspired by diversity in nature, spirituality, music, food and culture that thrives here.


What are your core ingredients and where are they sourced? 

We have LOTS of ingredients so it’s hard to say what is the core. Our foundation is the use of herbs, extracts and other plant materials. Ingredients are sourced from all over the world to include Africa, South America, Asia and right here in the US. Local ingredients are sourced when available. 



Does being a WOC influence your brand? If so how? 


Absolutely! It gives me the lens to see diverse needs in the market. I can see, and respond, beyond the mainstream cultural norms. It fuels my stamina, fortitude, creativity and giftedness. It can also pose some challenges with obtaining funding and other resources needed for expansion. 


What is your greatest inspiration? 

Nature! Nature is a genius and the greatest teacher. Nature inspires and teaches me daily. She is a meticulously well oiled machine. 


What can expect in the near future?

To see much more of us! Look for us to show up in your neighborhood. We are also expanding our lifestyle brand into classes and workshops on holistic healing and living in 2019. It’s so important for me to be able to share the wealth of knowledge I have with the world. Each one, teach one.